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Twist and Pulse on Resort Interview

Twist and Pulse burst onto our screens in 2010 in Series 4 of Britain’s Got Talent, with their unique blend of street dance and comedy ‘streetomedy’. Losing out to gymnastic ensemble ‘Spellbound’ in the final, the fire was lit, and they no longer wanted to be referred to as the ‘runners up’. Fast forward to 2019, determined to take the crown, they came back, bigger, stronger and were eventually crowned the winners of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions!
Find out everything that happened since their initial audition, more about Ashley and Glen, and some laughs along the way.

Listen Again

Missed your favourite Presenter? Well now you can listen to it again! Every show is recorded so you can listen to the sounds of the Great British Holiday again, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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3 days ago
What is todays 'Forgotten Theme' do you think you know the answer? If so, tweet me ResortUK_DanS, comment below on Facebook or E-Mail and the answer will be revealed before the end of the show.

5 days ago
HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY @officialsteps! We were never ‘cool’ so the music industry laughed at us. And all these years later we’re still here.. why? BECAUSE OF YOU! Our Incredible fans! Thankyou! So.. Screw ‘cool’ !! Dance to the beat of your own drum! Be loud and proud! Let’s PARTY! resortradiouk photo
1 week ago
Think you know where 'Sadlers Suitcase' is today. Has this got you scratching your head?? Tweet me your answer to ResortUK_DanS, comment below on Facebook or E-Mail

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